VRLA Gel Lead Acid Battery

VRLA Gel Lead Acid Battery is an improvement of common lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte, and sulfuric acid electrolyte is replaced by colloidal electrolyte. Compared with common battery, gel lead-acid battery is improved in security, battery storage, discharge performance and service life. Colloidal lead-acid battery gel-like electrolyte, no internal free liquid exists, under the same volume of electrolyte capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability is strong, can avoid the general battery easy to produce thermal runaway phenomenon; the electrolyte concentration is low, the corrosion of the plate is weak; the concentration is uniform and there is no electrolyte stratification. Colloid lead-acid battery performance is better than that of valve-control sealed lead-acid battery. The Colloid lead-acid battery has the use of stable performance, high reliability, long service life, temperature adaptability to the environment (high and low temperature), take a long time discharge capacity, cycle discharge capacity, depth of discharge and large current discharge ability is strong, have to overcharge and discharge protection, etc.