Great! Chilwee Was Focused On By CCTV, The "Twin Stars" Behind It Is So Powerful!


Recently, "news broadcast" broadcasted the news of "the first three quarters of industrial operation in general stable information and communication industry development accelerated". In the picture, Chilwee Group intelligent factory production room, Chilwee lithium, sodium salt batteries have appeared.

At the same time, the bright achievements and outstanding results of Chilwee Group in the first three quarters fully demonstrated Chilwee's strong scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing strength, which received the attention and appreciation of the state and government.

All this has come true for Chilwee. The rapid development of Chilwee's technology is seen by consumers, the industry and the government.

In recent years, looking at the whole electric vehicle battery industry, Chilwee batteries have always been far ahead in both the speed of technology iteration and market share.

As consumers' demand for electric vehicles continues to expand, Chilwee is committed to being user-centered and producing products that meet the actual needs of users. At the same time, Chilwee is keeping pace with the development of the intelligent era, and has increased its capital and technology investment on the way of intelligent manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries and building "intelligent Chilwee".

After entering 2021, Chilwee upholds the development mission of "advocating green energy and perfecting human life", holds the rudder of technological innovation and launches the Chilwee Twin Star Platform (Chilwee VEA WeiYi Technology Architecture Platform & LINKplat Link Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Platform).

The introduction of these two platforms has undoubtedly put Chilwee's battery technology upgrade and production efficiency improvement on the fast track.

Chilwee VEA WeiYi Technology Architecture Platform is the result of decades of wisdom of countless people in Chilwee. Chilwee has been looking for a breakthrough in the existing lead-acid battery production system, especially at the time of homogenization of power battery products, consumers need technology products with a sense of experience to drive the development of the industry.

With the leading advantages in the field of "new technology, new materials and new products", Chilwee VEA WeiYi technical structure has planned "from power battery to power system to electric vehicle (ship) series products" and "from energy storage battery to energy storage station to energy storage products". The two strategic development paths are "from power battery to power system to electric vehicle (ship) series products" and "from energy storage battery to energy storage station to energy storage system".

It has formed seven new energy business segments based on lead (lithium) batteries, new batteries, energy storage and management, circular economy, electric vehicles and vessels and key components, vehicle networking and Internet of things platform, and international trade and finance, laying the foundation for Chilwee's technology development in the next decade.

It is worth mentioning that the technical architecture design of Chilwee VEA WeiYi is based on the user travel experience of the power battery.

The traditional manufacturing model is "I make it and you use it", and the technical architecture only serves the manufacturing.

In the user era, the architecture directly serves the user, emphasizing the user experience and the user's own participation in product design, product improvement and quality control.

Thus, VEA WeiYi architecture is not only a transformation of Chilwee's traditional manufacturing thinking, but also a change driven by technological innovation.

"User-centered" is not only the core of VEA's technical architecture, but also the everlasting credo of Chilwee's future development.

As early as 2012, Chilwee has started to build a connected factory. From industrial manufacturing to industrial smart manufacturing, transforming from mass manufacturing to mass customization, changing the separation of production and sales to the integration of production and sales, forming a practical path for implementing supply-side reform and transforming intelligent manufacturing mode.

Based on this, Chilwee LINKPlat intelligent manufacturing cloud platform was born. This is the first user-centered industrial Internet platform in the electric vehicle industry, and is committed to becoming the leading industrial Internet platform in China.

Chilwee LINKPlat Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Platform outputs the seven whole-process nodes of interaction, customization, R&D, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and service in the connected factory ecosystem into seven system applications that can be socially replicated, helping enterprises to realize whole-process business model innovation, accurately grasp user needs, accurately produce, and realize high-precision and high-efficiency mass customization and upgrading transformation.

At the same time, it realizes the interconnection of factories under Chilwee, opens and aggregates group resources, achieves distributed scheduling and optimal matching of various resources, and finally achieves model innovation and resource sharing by relying on connected factory application services.

The launch of Chilwee Twin Star platform has given wings to Chilwee's technological innovation and mass customization production to take off. This is also an important reason why the results in the first three quarters of Chilwee were outstanding.

At the 2021 Nanjing Exhibition just past, 75 million batteries produced based on the two platforms were successfully launched, and a number of new battery products have been put on the market one after another and have been well received by a large number of users.

Boosted by Chilwee's twin-star platform, Chilwee's technological transformation and battery industry development entered a full-speed year, and a new power battery product will be launched every 3 to 6 months. This is the bottom line of Chilwee's technological innovation and Chilwee's role as an industry leader.

The competition in the electric vehicle battery market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the demands of electric vehicle users have become the vane of power battery technology development.

In the future, Chilwee will continue to layout in the field of green and low-carbon products, rely on the rich experience accumulated in power batteries and energy storage batteries, adhere to the user-centered approach, and continuously seek more breakthroughs in product performance that users are concerned about.

At the same time, we will grasp the keynote of technological innovation and concept innovation to explore more demonstration samples for enterprise development.