How To Choose Portable Power Station?


1. Choose a big brand.

To choose a large brand with certification, to focus on safety.

Outdoor power supply is usually lithium-ion batteries. There are a few lithium iron phosphate, which is required to pass the relevant battery certification to ensure the safety of the battery, as well as adequate capacity. Cells must be intelligent and stable, but also need to have temperature protection, prevent overcharging and overdischarging, let go of voltage, prevent short circuit, etc.

Outdoor power supply lithium-ion batteries in the cycle after 800 times, the electric storage capacity will still be greater than 80%, after 800 cycles can still continue to use, but will increase with the number of cycles, the electric storage capacity will be reduced.

2. Give priority to the outdoor power supply brands with R & D capabilities.

Outdoor power research and development contains two aspects, one is a unique and smaller appearance, the second is the built-in components, most of which are large battery components, battery packs are a higher degree of difficulty than the small battery category, the need to constantly invest in research and development, small changes will affect performance and performance.

With the rapid development of energy storage power supply in the past three years, factories have made many adjustments. With the conditions, we give priority to factories with research and development, as well as the choice of outdoor power supply with sine wave, sine waves will not damage electrical equipment. But the correction wave will have some damage to the electrical equipment.

Sine wave output charging, just like at home to charge household appliances is a mode.

3. Look at the power, battery capacity, output port.

First of all, we need to look at the power, different power can drive the appliances are not the same, not necessarily the power to buy the larger the better, according to their respective needs to choose.

You also need to look at the capacity of the storage battery, which determines how long you can give the device to last. The contents of the latter will recommend the right outdoor power according to the different power, you can now go to see.

Output ports are divided into DC / car charger interface, AC interface and USB-A port, USB-C interface.

DC port is usually connected to the car refrigerator and inflatable pump; AC port can give power to lamps, fans, laptops, etc.; USB port is divided into USB-A port and USB-C, can be charged to all kinds of electronic products.

4. Warranty and after-sales.

Electronic products need after-sales support, simple "do not know how to operate", as well as "how to solve the device glitches" and so on. Seriously, "just use a week battery does not withstand", "power consumption is too fast", so there is a great need for professional after-sales support and a long warranty.

Most brands have a warranty of between 12 and 24 months, which is trustworthy.

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