The “Private Power Station” For Your Outdoor Travel--Chilwee Portable Energy Storage Offers A Booming Sense Of Science And Technology!


With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, digital products have become an indispensable part of our lives. Especially in outdoor scenes, a large number of electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, drones, cameras, etc., now may easily lead to power anxiety...

The emergence of portable energy storage (PES) has guaranteed power supply for outdoor travel. Chilwee new energy PES is a product specially made for users to relieve outdoor travel anxiety about power. It debuted at the Nanjing Exhibition on October 26 and attracted many tourists.

So, what are the advantages of Chilwee energy PES?

1. First-class, professional PES system.

It advocates green energy and perfects human life! This is the mission engraved into the blood of Chilwee. Over the years, Chilwee has been committed to its mission all along, that is, technological innovation and green travel.

With technical strength and years of development, Chilwee has now been leading the industry of new energy batteries. On this basis, Chilwee, by means of new energy PES, attempts to satisfy the outdoor travel demands of users and strives to create a first-class and professional PES system.

Chilwee energy PES adopts pure sine wave output and supports various plug specifications, including CN, US/JP, UK, AU, and DE.

Chilwee energy PES applies mainstream interfaces such as USB-A and Type-C. USB-A is equipped with QC3.0 fast charging protocol, which can provide up to 18W fast charging support for mobile phones, tablets and other devices; The Type-C interface can provide a maximum charging support of PD60W for laptops.

In addition, Chilwee energy PES also supports wireless charging for mainstream devices like mobile phones and wireless Bluetooth headsets, thereby allowing users to take less USB for outdoor travel.

Abundant interfaces allow power support for most electronic products, and the clear LCD screen allows users to monitor the power in real time.

2. Magical tool for outdoor travel and fishing.

In addition to powerful functions and nearly full types of interfaces, Chilwee new energy PES adopts 220V pure sine wave output, which is more stable.

Chilwee energy PES offers multiple specifications, meeting the outdoor travel demands of all kinds of groups and scenarios.

In terms of battery endurance, Chilwee energy PES develops a large power capacity of up to 216000mah. The strong battery endurance guarantees users’ outdoor travel. With Chilwee new energy PES in hand, users will be more delighted during outdoor and more patient than fish during fishing. Hence we can call it a magical tool for both outdoor travel and fishing.

In the past, Chilwee followed two major development paths: one started from power batteries to power systems, and then to electric vehicle (ship) products; another began with energy storage batteries, and then to energy storage stations and energy storage systems. In this way, Chilwee has now established seven major business sectors for new energy, including lead (lithium) batteries, new batteries, energy storage and management, circular economy, electric vehicles and key components, Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things platforms, international trade and finance.

The emergence of Chilwee energy PES further improves the sector of user demand for new energy batteries. It also implies that Chilwee has now covered all aspects of electric vehicle power travel (lead-acid/lithium battery), outdoor travel (Chilwee new energy series) and household batteries (zinc power series), fully supporting new energy batteries for users’ daily lives.

Follow the footsteps of the times and stay committed to the original mission! Chilwee will forever cherish the mission of “advocating green energy and perfect human life!”, and pursue green travel service solutions with high quality for users based on technology.

In the future, Chilwee battery will be not only a powerful “energy pool” for users, but also a way of life!