Do You Know What It's Like To Be In A "global Club"?


Recently, the website of the Domestic Global Scholars Database published the "Top 100,000 Scientists in the World Ranking". Academician Qian Yitai, adviser of Chilwee Group's new energy industry development strategy, Academician Chen Zhongwei, adviser of new chemical batteries, Professor Yang Shubin, adviser of Chaoli New Energy, Academician Zhang Jiujun, adviser of fuel cell project, Independent Director of Chilwee Group and adviser of new energy Prof. Ouyang Minggao, an independent director of Chilwee Group and adviser of new energy vehicle power system, Prof. Wang Zhenbo, an adviser of hydrogen fuel cell, and Prof. Pan Junqing, an adviser of lead-acid battery recycling process, were selected in the list.

It is understood that the "Top 100,000 Scientists in the World" ranking is based on the research output of scholars, Google Scholar Metrics journal ratings, H-index, citations, and the ranking position of authors in the results.

Whereas a higher mean score indicates that academics are more inclined to publish in high quality journals, the overall score takes more account of the volume of academics' scholarly output.

1. Breakthrough by technology, strong by talent.

This time, seven of Chilwee's top technical talents were selected for the list, fully reflecting Chilwee's philosophy of driving productivity with results and adhering to the employment philosophy of "breakthroughs due to technology and strength due to talents".

In addition to the above seven top talents, Chilwee also has renowned academicians and thousands of scientific research staff in the industry, and has established advanced R&D platforms.

Chilwee has R&D platforms such as a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a nationally accredited laboratory, the National Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Center for Lead-Acid Battery Production and Recycling Pollution Prevention and Control, and a national post-doctoral research station.

It is based on the desire for talents and breakthroughs in technology that, after more than 20 years of accumulation, Chilwee now has a top research team and an industry-leading research platform to provide support for technological development.

2. Chilwee "Gemini" platform.

Chilwee's "Twin Star" platform is the Chilwee VEA WeiYi Technology Architecture and Chilwee LINKPlat Industrial Internet Platform, which were officially launched by Chilwee on August 12 this year.

The Chilwee VEA WeiYi technology architecture realizes "letting users define a product", breaks the traditional model of "you make it and I use it", allows technology to realize self-iteration, actively carries user experience needs and nurtures product system ecology. To achieve a breakthrough in the traditional industry, we take the user as the core and launch products that allow consumers to have a sense of technological experience, thus driving the development of the industry.

The Chilwee LINKPlat Industrial Internet Platform is Chilwee's simplification, softening and clouding of the Internet factory model and digitization and productization, and is an independently developed intelligent manufacturing cloud platform.

The two complement each other, carrying Chilwee's leading technology, intelligent manufacturing and digital development, and have attracted high attention and praise from the industry upon its release.

At the Nanjing exhibition on 26 October this year, Chilwee officially announced that the 75 millionth battery of the "Twin Star" platform had officially stepped off the production line, which was the first full score of Chilwee's Twin Star platform.

Behind all this is the scientific and technological crystallization of countless Chilwee people who have worked hard, constantly researched and sought technological breakthroughs; it is the work of Chilwee's 19 R&D institutions, more than 3,000 technical experts and billions of investment in R&D worldwide.

The emergence of the Chilwee Twin Star platform is the fruitful presentation of Chilwee's insistence on technological innovation and talent accumulation, and a great progress in leading the development of the industry, holding technology in hand and exploring the future.

3. With results, driving productivity!

Every accolade and achievement is a recognition of the efforts Chilwee has made in the past and an endless motivation for its future development.

Up to now, Chilwee has undertaken more than 100 national and provincial major science and technology projects and has been granted a total of 2,210 patents, including 636 invention patents, ranking at the forefront of the battery industry.

With continuous development, Chilwee has gained numerous honors. In the industry, Chilwee has continued to promote the high-quality development of the industry through its own efforts. In the product field, Chilwee has mastered the core technology of graphene batteries to bring consumers a better travel experience.

In the future, Chilwee will continue to increase its talent pool and scientific research platform construction, uphold the development concept of "Technology Chilwee, Digital Chilwee", actively respond to the national intelligent manufacturing reform, continuously integrate global technical resources, lead the industry's intelligent manufacturing, create a higher quality travel experience for users, and guide the healthy and high-energy development of the industry.