Focusing On The Energy Storage Business


Focusing on the energy storage business for 20 years, CHAOwei leads the industry with scientific and technological innovation strength.

The development of China's energy storage industry, accompanied by the global energy transformation, China's energy and power system reform, the development of new energy vehicles and China's new energy vehicle promotion goals, and rapid development. Then there is such an enterprise, but do not rely on, with advanced strategic vision, in the early establishment of the layout in advance, step by step on the track.

Established in 1998, CHAOwei Group has grown into one of the largest power battery manufacturers in China. As early as the beginning of the business, CHAOwei set the vision goal of "becoming the world's largest supplier of power batteries and energy storage batteries", and energy storage battery products have become one of the important businesses of Chaowei since then.

In 2002, SUPER Way Group began to develop new energy power and energy storage products. Subsequently, the first energy storage battery technology was developed. In 2009, AMD overcame the bottleneck of photovoltaic energy storage battery service life, realized mass production, and created a "WHIRLWIND of AMD" in Xiamen, the national photovoltaic industry base.

In order to further strengthen the key technologies of energy storage and breakthrough, SUPER Way has established a new Energy Technology Research institute, further layout of energy storage and power battery and other products technology research and development. The lead acid colloid storage battery developed by the company has passed the provincial new product identification and professional testing, and its technology is much ahead of similar domestic products.

In 2012, CHAOwei clarified its second business goal and planned two business segments: power and energy storage. This time, CHAOwei takes energy storage as a strategic pillar and introduces high-level talents and advanced technologies in the field of international energy storage on a large scale. A large number of top global power and energy storage talents have joined chaowei.

In 2012, SUPER Way Group began to accelerate the layout of lithium-ion battery for energy storage research and development. In 2016, THE Lithium ion Power and Energy Storage Battery Research Institute of SUPER Way Group was recognized by Zhejiang Province and became Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute. Its new energy Power and Energy Storage Battery laboratory became the first key laboratory of light industry in China.

In spite of some achievements, SUPER Wei Group has not stopped its pace in the field of energy storage. In 2017, SUPER Way Group cooperated with global industrial giant General Electric in r&d, production and sales of sodium battery energy storage products. At present, CHAOwei sodium battery has successively built several energy storage demonstration projects in Beijing, Zhejiang and other places, providing demonstration samples for the comprehensive utilization of smart energy. In addition, CHAOwei also cooperates with well-known r&d institutions and enterprises in France and the United States to promote the industrialization process of zinc-nickel and zinc-bromine liquid flow energy storage products.

It is understood that CHAOwei Group adheres to the principle of parallel technology routes, independent research and development combined with international and domestic high-end cooperation in energy storage. At present, the company's product group in this field has been very rich and complete, covering sodium salt battery, lead carbon battery, lithium ion battery, zinc-nickel battery, fuel cell and other varieties, energy storage core technology research and development reserve and product force has been in the forefront of the industry.