Car Battery Maintenance


Car battery maintenance Car battery in the early use will not have any symptoms, once the problem occurs, the battery is basically replaced, so the battery maintenance should start from the new car or after installation.

1). The first charge of the new battery or the repaired battery before use is called initial charging, and the initial charging is appropriate, which is extremely important for the future performance of the battery. The initial charging feature is small charging current, long charging time and sufficient electrochemical reaction. For the initial charging operation of the new battery, one to three charge and discharge cycles should be performed.

2). Do not start more than 5s each time, the starting interval should be greater than 15s, and the maximum starting time is 3 times.

3). In the case of traffic jams or waiting for people, in order to save fuel, most car owners are used to turning off the engine and then listening to the audio or watching DVDs in the car, but this will make the battery consume a lot of power. It is recommended that the owner should not listen to the radio for more than 30 minutes in the flameout state, and high-power equipment such as DVD and external power supply is not recommended, because it is easy to consume the battery and damage the battery itself. Not small, it will also affect the normal start of the vehicle.

4). If your car is not used for a long time, it is best to pull the battery negative. Because of the weak current consumption in the vehicle's circuitry during parking, standing the vehicle for a long time will cause the battery to run out.

5). Wipe the outside of the battery with a damp cloth, and wipe off the dust, oil, white powder, etc. on the panel and on the pile head (ie, the positive and negative poles). This often scrubs the battery, and the pile head of the battery will not only accumulate white acid-etched powder, but also has a long service life.

6). Do not just replace the battery with a larger capacity than the original battery. Because the amount of power generated by the car generator is fixed. If the battery with a large capacity is replaced, the new battery will be undercharged, the car will not start smoothly, and the long-term loss of the battery will shorten the life.

7). When using maintenance-free batteries, it is simply considered that maintenance-free means that no maintenance is required. After over-discharging, it is not charged in time, and supplementary charging is not performed periodically, so that the service life of the battery is affected.

8). The battery should be fixed firmly in the car, and should be handled gently when handling and handling.

9). When using the battery in winter, pay special attention to keep it in a fully charged state to prevent freezing. When adding distilled water in winter, it should be done while charging to prevent freezing. The battery will be reduced in winter and the engine will be warmed up before starting. In the winter, due to the low temperature, battery charging will be difficult, and the battery storage condition should be checked frequently.