How Long Does The Battery Last?


As we all know, a car is made up of large and small parts. If you lack any of them, it will not work. It is said that the most important thing for a car is its engine, but in fact, the battery is the most important. The role of the battery is to provide current to the engine, which can maintain the use of all electrical equipment in the car. Once the battery fails, our car will not start. Many drivers don't know how long the battery will last and when to replace it. Today, I'll tell you what will happen when the battery life is approaching.

First of all, it is difficult to ignite. Normally, when we start the car, we can ignite within 3 seconds. If the car is difficult to ignite or can not ignite, and some abnormal noise can be heard, it means that our car's battery will be out of power. If it is said that this kind of situation will occur when the battery is fully charged, it is that the battery has a fault, and at this time, it needs to go to the repair shop to check and replace it.

Secondly, the battery light on the dashboard will be on. When we suddenly find that a small light like a battery is on the dashboard of the car, it means that our battery is faulty. At this time, we will go to the garage to see if we need to replace the battery. But sometimes when the battery fails, the battery fault light will not light up, but will light up other unrelated fault lights, because when the battery fails, the computer system will be disordered.

The last is the leakage of the battery shell. If you go to the garage to repair the battery and find that both sides of the battery are bulging, it means that the battery needs to be replaced. If you don't replace it, it will not only have certain safety risks, but also slowly consume the life of the car. So we must replace it.