Storage And Maintenance Method Of Battery


1. Newly purchased batteries need to be recharged before use, because the battery has a self discharge phenomenon before sale (any battery has a self-discharge phenomenon), which causes the voltage to drop and the battery storage capacity is insufficient. The supplementary charging method is: charge your new vehicle with the dedicated charger until the green light is on.

2. Frequent charging, the self-discharge of the battery installed on the electric vehicle is more obvious. Coupled with the battery car's own reasons, no matter how old or new the electric car is, no matter how good the insulation effect is, even if the power lock is turned off, there will be a small current through, with high-precision instrument testing, most vehicles will have a current of 10-20mA. This shows that when the electric car is not riding, it is constantly discharging. Take a set of 12Ah batteries for example, measured according to the storage period of 15 days, then 0.02A*24 hours*15 days=7.2Ah, which means 7.2Ah capacity was lost due to electric vehicle leakage within 15 days. This factor cannot be underestimated, so if you do not use it for a long time, you need to charge the battery at least once every half a month;

3. For the long-term charging and storage of entire vehicles, the battery should be deeply discharged every two months, that is, the electric vehicles should be ridden until the under-voltage light is on, and then charged and stored;

4. To release the alarm, the electric car alarm is usually activated when the power is turned off. At this time, the electric car is not in use, but the alarm is in the working state. According to the power level, there is generally 0.2-0.5A continuous discharge. If the alarm is not released, the battery will be uncontrolled, which will eventually cause the battery to over discharge;

5. To avoid the wind, sun and rain of electric vehicles, the bad environment will cause the corrosion of electric vehicle parts, especially the moisture of the lines in the battery box, which will increase the battery resistance of the entire vehicle.

6. If the battery is stored for a long time, the voltage drops severely and cannot be used, the battery is severely vulcanized, and forcible charging will easily cause charging heating or even deformation. At this time, you should treat these batteries as below, when you find that it is hot after the first charge,

You should first deeply discharge the battery (ride first or discharge the battery with a discharge machine or a resistance wire), and then recharge (note the control time). After several cycles, there is a certain probability that the battery will return to normal.