How To Distinguish Energy Storage Battery From Power Battery?


What is the difference between an energy storage battery and a power battery?

1. The battery volume is not the same

In the case of all new batteries, the battery capacity is checked by the discharge meter. Generally, the capacity of a power lithium battery is about 1000-1500mah; the capacity of the battery pack is above 2000mAh, and some will reach 3400mAh.

2. Different application fields

Power lithium battery with pure electric vehicles, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric machinery and equipment and special tools LED driver battery; it is used to give closing current to the power transformation engineering station and the driving force generator set; energy storage lithium battery pack is specially used for hydraulic power generation, fire point, wind speed, solar power station and other energy storage switch power station, peak regulating radio broadcast power engineering, auxiliary service project, digital products, driving force goods, diagnosis, intelligent security, UPS switching power supply and so on.

3. The BMS parts of the intelligent battery management system are different.

In the energy storage system, the energy storage lithium battery only interacts with the energy storage converter in terms of voltage, and the converter takes power from the communication AC grid to charge the battery unit. Or a battery pack supplies power to a converter, which converts the electricity into communication and AC, and sends AC current on blockchain technology.

The BMS of pure electric vehicles, at high voltage, is associated with kinetic energy exchange with the motor and battery charger; at the communication level, there is information interaction with the battery charger in the whole process of battery charging, and more detailed information interaction with the vehicle intelligent controller in the whole process of application.

4 The choice of lithium cell type is not the same

Energy storage lithium battery energy storage power station embodies the safety factor and rationality. When selecting lithium battery pack, lithium iron phosphate battery is usually used, and some energy storage stations use lead-acid battery and lead-carbon battery.

The current popular battery types of pure electric vehicles are lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery.

5. The performance and design scheme is not the same

Power lithium battery is more focused on battery charging output power and other levels, pay attention to the battery charging speed, high power, vibration resistance, pay special attention to the high safety factor and high efficiency energy strength to achieve long-term endurance capacity, there is also a net volume layer of lightweight attention; the preparation of energy storage lithium battery pays attention to battery volume, especially operation reliability and service life. Considering the consistency of battery control module, it is necessary to pay attention to the water content and specific energy of battery raw materials, and the symmetry of metal electrode performance, so as to pursue the overall life of energy storage mechanical equipment and reduce the cost.

Energy storage lithium battery and power lithium battery use the same battery materials, but the same material quality is slightly lower, the internal resistance will be higher. So in terms of overall price, energy storage lithium iron phosphate batteries are generally cheaper than power lithium iron phosphate batteries.