Proper Charging Method For Lead-acid Batteries


Proper charging method for lead-acid batteries:

1. Lead-acid battery has no time and charge amount for the first charge, and can be charged and discharged at any time, which will not lead to plate memory.

2. It is important to note that no excessive discharge and excessive charging, overcharge is into the workshop process, can lead to grid metal layer thin, easily broken grid, will lead to the plate, excessive discharge activity of spongy tissue failure, shorten the life of plate, lead-acid battery should focus on the proportion of the electrolyte and the liquid level height, can not lack fluid.

3. General electric lead-acid battery charger, are using a three-stage charging mode, electric power, in a 100% in 8 ~ 10 hours of charging time would look like, not more than 12 hours, so that can have impact on battery life, every time it is best not to use the electricity used up, suggest that electricity consumption will be for electric vehicles recharged at around 70%, The charging time is usually about 6 to 8 hours.

4. The temperature is too high or too humid environment is not suitable for charging electric vehicles, easy to cause danger. Electric vehicle lead-acid battery charging environment should be as far as possible to ensure ventilation, and choose a flat place to continue charging.

5. Lead acid battery charging time should be properly controlled in 8-10 hours, summer should not exceed 8 hours, winter should not exceed 10 hours. The charger indicator light turns green and then floats for 1-2 hours or so, you can stop charging.