Characteristics Of Open Liquid Lead Acid Battery


Open liquid lead-acid battery can be divided into 8-10 years, 15-20 years of life according to the structure of two. Due to corrosive gases in sulfuric acid electrolysis of this battery, this kind of battery must be installed in a ventilated room away from precision electronic equipment, and the battery room should be laid with anti-corrosion ceramic tiles.

Due to evaporation, open batteries need to be regularly measured specific gravity, acid and water. The battery can withstand high temperature, high pressure and deep discharge. The battery room shall be smoke-free and have an open battery rack.

The battery cannot be transported after charging, so it must be charged after installation on site. The initial charging usually takes 55-90 hours. The normal voltage of each section is 2V, and the initial charging voltage is 2.6-2.7V.