What Are The Advantages Of Lead-acid Colloidal Batteries?


We often say the gel battery is actually a kind of lead-acid battery, because in the lead-acid battery electrolyte gels, so lead-acid battery electrolyte in a gel, so we put this kind of battery is called gel battery, but essentially still belongs to the lead-acid battery. If we add some additives to the sulfuric acid battery, then the performance of this lead-acid battery will be greatly improved. Specific performance in the following aspects, first, because the colloidal electrolyte formed a uniform network structure in the battery, so the electrolyte is not easy to be divided into, the density of the upper and lower electrolysis is consistent, so that it will not be like the lead acid battery for a long time there is a difference in the upper and lower concentration, which causes the life of the battery will be reduced. Second, colloid battery charging acceptance is stronger than lead-acid battery, the so-called charging acceptance is in a short time to charge more. Third, colloidal battery is not easy to salinization. the so-called salinization is lead sulfate in the lead acid battery formed into large blocks and can not be dissolved so that the reactants of the battery become less, the capacity of the battery becomes less, the service life becomes shorter. Fourth, the colloid battery because the electrolyte freezing point is lower than sulfuric acid, so its low temperature performance is better, relatively in the relatively low environmental temperature under the normal work. Fifth, because the acid corrosion of colloidal battery is weaker than sulfuric acid, its density can be appropriately increased, thereby increasing the mass of reactants involved, and the capacity can be slightly increased. Sixth, the colloidal battery discharge curve is relatively stable, so its working state is better. Although the cost is slightly higher than the lead acid battery, there is no great impact on the cost performance. At present, power battery, solar cell, UPS power battery have been widely promoted and applied.