About Portable Energy Storage Power Benefits And Working Core


As a new technology product emerging in the market in recent years, mobile power has attracted the attention of many advanced users at the beginning of its launch. As a new type of off-grid energy device, it is lighter, smaller and more portable than traditional diesel generators. It can also be recharged and recycled. Save the use cost, achieve low-carbon environmental protection and clean energy, reduce environmental pollution and fire hazards.

On the other hand, compared with the old small mobile power supply, it has the characteristics of large capacity and high power. Often equipped with a variety of outlets, easily compatible with coffee machine, camping lamp, small refrigerator, stereo and other common small electrical appliances, greatly broaden the choice of outdoor travel supplies. It can also provide valuable mobile backup power in emergency situations, such as powering inhalers, AEDs, and other emergency equipment after a disaster. In addition, most portable power stations can be used in conjunction with solar panels to ensure a continuous energy supply in outdoor environments. If we want to give a rough definition of portable power, we can say that it is a large mobile power source with larger volume and capacity, and a portable device that can provide power to you anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of portable power stations

All aspects of the performance are good. Many families choose to buy mobile power in the home, which can be used as travel leisure supplies, but also as an emergency backup power source. If you want to make a summary of its use scenarios, it can be roughly divided into outdoor travel, camping, self-driving, family emergency and other categories.

Think back to your life if one of the following has happened:

The car battery died, but there was no way to call for help.
Feeling bored and having nothing to do on a long car trip
I want more music, lights and cold beer while camping outdoors.
Sudden power failure in the home, loss of all light sources, even affect personal life support equipment
I want to use my phone in my living room, but there is no power outlet nearby.

Fuel was depleted by diesel generators, unable to keep the equipment powered

If you answered "yes" to more than two of these five questions, you don't have to hesitate to buy a portable charging station that can solve all your problems perfectly.

The core work

The Electric cell is the core element of a portable power station, which is generally divided into lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate battery.

The main features of the two can be briefly summarized as follows:

Lithium ion battery:

With high energy density, larger power capacity can be achieved with smaller volume and weight.
High power bearing rate, widely used in a variety of maneuvering equipment.
Strong temperature adaptability can work continuously in the environment of -30F to 130F after machining.
Poor safety, not large current discharge, there are safety risks of explosion.

Special protection circuits should be designed to prevent overcharge and over-discharge.

High production cost

Lithium iron phosphate battery:

Super long service life, under normal circumstances the life cycle can reach more than 2500 times, the service life is up to 7~8 years
It's safe. Lithium ion batteries can catch fire in extreme situations like puncture, but lithium iron phosphate batteries don't.
Fast charging, with the right charging adapter can be used to fully charge the battery in a very short time.
Lithium iron phosphate batteries perform better than lithium ion batteries at high temperatures.
The performance in a cold environment is relatively moderate.

The power density is relatively low. It is larger than lithium iron batteries of the same capacity.

Most of the low-end products use lithium-ion batteries to improve performance parameters, while the high-end products will use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries to avoid possible fire and explosion risks.