Build A "private Power Station" For Family Emergency With Ups Energy Storage Power


In our daily life, we often face the problem of power failure. In order to solve these problems, families must have an emergency power supply, which can be solved one by one when problems come. If there is electric portable outdoor power supply, such a standing emergency equipment, must be able to play its value at this time.  Therefore, the portable UPS for home emergency backup power has entered the public's vision.

UPS is the abbreviation of Uninterrupted Power System, which is called Uninterrupted Power System in Chinese. Portable UPS power supply is a constant voltage, constant frequency uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device and inverter as the main component. When the power is normal, the UPS will be mains voltage regulator or voltage regulator, text frequency for load use, colleagues to charge the battery in the machine; When the mains is interrupted (abnormal), the portable ups power supply will continue to supply power to the load by inverting the power supply of the battery within 4-10mis or "zero" terminal time, so that the load can maintain normal work, save data and protect the hardware and software of the load from damage.

A guide to purchasing portable energy storage power for home use

1.  Determine your storage energy needs

To determine whether the basic backup power level is adequate for the electronic device you need to carry, check the label on the device and the product manual to determine its peak energy consumption in watts per hour. It will provide enough electrical output to power basic equipment in an emergency. These include in-car refrigerators, basic lighting and distress lights, laptop or desktop computers or other electronic devices such as mobile phones.

2.  You need to determine the duration of your refueling

How long you want to be without access to the grid. If you live in an area where the greatest threat to power availability is a major storm system, low sunlight may make charging your portable stored solar home generator impractical for some time. However, if you live in an area with unreliable power and constant sunlight, energy storage won't be a significant factor. To determine how much energy you want to store for emergency use, this daily requirement will help you determine the amount of portable storage solar generator to purchase. The generator's storage capacity, peak demand and charging time can be provided at any time.

3.  Characteristics to be considered when choosing portable energy storage solar generator

Depending on your life or emergency situation, other features may be important to you. Some generators allow the solar panels to move away from the generator itself, while others have panels mounted to or tightly connected to the generator unit. Some generators are housed in steel panel boxes or cages, providing additional protection from vibration or tampering in environments where children may be present.