Selection Of Energy Storage Battery For Solar Off-grid Power Generation System


In the solar off-grid power station, energy storage is an indispensable important link. We all know that energy storage can only rely on lead-acid battery.  Lead acid battery includes two categories, one is the lead acid start battery (separate port and maintenance free two) the second is the colloidal lead acid battery.

First, let's talk about their characteristics:

1. Colloidal battery with a small industrial cost, to produce a better quality battery, its discharge curve is straight, high inflection point, its energy and power than conventional lead-acid battery is more than 20%. Lead-acid batteries are characterized by the fact that during normal operation, the electrolyte does not leak out of the battery terminals or housing. Special suction dividers keep the acid inside, and there is no free acid inside the cell, so the cell can be placed anywhere. No water is needed to use the battery, thanks to the unique gas compound system that converts the gas produced into water.

2. The composition is different: lead-acid battery is mainly composed of positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery slot, battery cover, pole, liquid injection cover and so on. The inside of the colloidal battery is mainly SiO2 porous mesh structure, there are a lot of tiny gaps, which can make the oxygen produced by the battery positive electrode smoothly migrate to the negative plate, easy to absorb the negative electrode.

3. Life is not the same: colloidal battery life is generally about twice the conventional lead-acid battery, high temperature and low temperature characteristics are much better.

We basically understand the properties of both. So in the solar power system, which kind of battery is better?  First of all, they can play a role in energy storage, but from the perspective of their properties colloids are better than lead-acid batteries. Colloidal battery, not only resistance to low temperature, and energy storage performance is much better.  But colloidal batteries cannot be used to start a vehicle. If you use it to start a vehicle, the huge electric current will destroy the lead sheet. Energy storage is the most important factor in solar power systems. Colloidal battery, than the start of lead-acid battery discharge efficiency is about 30% higher. That is, lead-acid batteries used in energy storage are 40 percent more efficient. Colloidal batteries can reach 70%. At the same time, the characteristics of colloidal battery are also suitable for UPS power battery use. Lead-acid starting batteries are mainly used in vehicles, which can instantly release huge starting capacity. The ability to discharge continuously is worse than colloid. Conversely, in the process of charging, the charging current of solar energy is small, restores the physical strength of colloidal battery to predominate, same battery release to about 11 v solar energy at the same time can make up of colloidal battery power efficiency than start lead-acid batteries, start because the battery lead sheet is thick, the same current charging speed is slow.

Finally, we draw the conclusion that colloidal battery should be the first choice in the solar off-grid power station energy storage system.