Have Outdoor Power Supply, Do A Good Job Of Power Outage Countermeasures


The continuous high temperature climate has led to the rapid growth of electricity demand. In addition, due to the superposition of multiple factors, such as the tight supply of thermal coal, the drying of incoming water in major river basins, and the frequent occurrence of rainstorm and flood disasters, occasional power outages have occurred in some areas. According to the State Grid Co., LTD., the State Grid will do its best to ensure power supply by taking measures such as unified dispatch of the whole network, overall allocation of resources, and tapping the potential of cross-district power transmission to ensure the basic people's demand for electricity and avoid power cuts as much as possible.

Remember childhood home power outages, whole blocks of children with candles in the flashlight little orange lamp streets. After a sudden power outage, emergency equipment is generally driven by gasoline generators. Generators produce a great roar and black smoke pollution. Using the experience is very bad, but it has also become each children's carefree childhood memory.

Now that we are adults, power cuts are no longer fun. The air conditioning stops, the WiFi stops, the work stops, and all that's left is heat and irritability. In the face of power failure, only a small number of households will keep generators on standby. After power failure, the only backup power for most households is mobile power supply. On the other hand, conventional mobile power sources can not guarantee long battery life, and most of them can only barely support low-power electronic products such as mobile phones. So many users will buy emergency power equipment to ensure normal life is not affected.

An outdoor power source alleviates the lack of electricity

Under the development of battery technology, the birth of outdoor power storage equipment, previously for the outdoor power industry made a special report. Outdoor power to electrical energy stored in the battery pack, when need power through inverter transformation to provide emergency power support, as the lithium battery costs down, the vast majority of outdoor power away from the previous use of lead-acid battery, started using energy density is higher, more safer, longer service life of lithium batteries as energy carrier, outdoor power supply volume weight are greatly reduced.

Outdoor power supply with inverter AC output capacity, in the face of sudden power failure can drive fans, network equipment, notebook, cashier and other equipment operation, support for a few hours until the power returns to normal, so that life is affected to a minimum. Outdoor power supply is clean, clean, quiet, easy to use, portable, maintenance-free, long-term storage and other characteristics. Under the condition of power limit in many places in China, outdoor power supply products are gradually popular.