Service Life of UPS Batteries


The service life of a battery is directly related to the cost of future use. The existing battery products on the market will have a life span, such as 5 years, 6-8 years, 12 years, 18 years and so on. These number of years given by the manufacturer is all the planned life, is in the most ideal state of operation to get the number. But in fact, the life of the battery will be greatly reduced.

At present, UPS batteries are usually maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries with a design life of 5 years, which can only be achieved under the requirements of battery manufacturers.  Not up to the required environmental requirements, the length of its life is very different.  In addition, the increase of the ambient temperature will lead to the enhancement of the chemical activity inside the battery, thus generating a large amount of heat energy, which in turn will promote the temperature of the surrounding environment. This vicious cycle will accelerate the shortening of the battery life.

To ensure the reliable, stable and safe operation of the system, it is recommended to replace UPS batteries once every five years or so, depending on the actual situation.

Ways to extend the life of the UPS

(1) The use of AC voltage regulator

After the use of UPS power supply, do not have to add AC voltage regulator.  If it must be added, it should be added in the front of the UPS power supply, that is, the mains first through the AC voltage regulator, then through the UPS power supply, and then to the load.

(2) The UPS power supply cannot be idle for a long time

The excessive discharge of the battery and the long-term idle open circuit of the battery will increase the internal resistance of the battery, and the charging and discharging performance will deteriorate.  If the UPS power supply is not used for a long time, power on the UPS for 24 hours every 2-3 months and keep the UPS power supply in the inverter state for 2-3 minutes to ensure the normal life of the battery.

(3) Battery management skills

The batteries used in many UPS power supplies are called maintenance-free batteries, giving the user the misconception that they do not require maintenance.  In fact, if the terminal voltage is lower than the specified calibration voltage of the battery in the UPS power supply due to excessive discharge, the battery should be charged in a balanced manner.