The Working Principle Of Fast Charge Technology Of Energy Storage Power Supply.


Working principle of fast charge technology of energy storage power supply:

In fact, the principle is very simple, is to put the outdoor power supply charging power up; for example, electric outdoor energy storage power uses the fast charging technology in the case of DC charging, fast into the battery, two-way inverter fast charging function is the energy storage power fast charging technology. Several times faster than normal charging.

The biggest difference between outdoor power and mobile power is that mobile power supplies charge digital devices that only support AC input;

Outdoor power supplies can be used to power most of the small household appliances, such as hair dryers, cutting machines, or drilling machines, welding machines, etc.

At the present stage, most outdoor power supplies use lithium batteries to store energy, and boost the low-voltage direct current (12V or 48V, etc.) of the internal battery to 220V AC output, which is the inverter function. General electric is the use of self-developed intelligent inverter technology, security control, monitoring.  The input power is several times faster than other ordinary external adapter charging power outdoor power supply, and finally achieve the effect of fast charging.

If the energy storage power supply adopts the fast charge technology, it has high requirements on the quality of the battery, internal components, management system and input and output interfaces inside the outdoor power supply. So when choosing outdoor energy storage power, be sure to look at the product clearly; or choose the brand, choose the relative strength of the manufacturer of outdoor power supply that makes people more assured; to avoid being cheated.