The Difference Between Uninterruptible Power Supply And Outdoor Power Supply.


Although outdoor power supply and uninterruptible power supply are a kind of energy storage power supply, the use of the scene and cell are very different; Let's take a look at the difference between uninterruptible power supply and outdoor power supply.

The difference between uninterruptible power supply and outdoor power supply

First, the cells of both

Uninterruptible power supply: UPS power supply is the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) connected to the host, through the host inverter and other module circuit to convert direct current into mains power supply equipment.

Outdoor power supply: Is a personal portable energy storage power that can be stored by itself. Is the battery (ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery) and electrical interface connected, through the inverter module circuit to convert DC into mains power supply equipment.

Second, the use of both

Uninterruptible power supply: A power supply used to provide stable, uninterruptible electricity for a single device.  Such as elevators, computers, servers, etc.

Outdoor power supply: Portable energy storage power supply for electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, outdoor work, outdoor camping, and low-power devices, especially for applications without external power supplies.

Third, the principle of the two

Uninterruptible power supply: Uninterruptible power supply stabilizes commercial power supply and provides load. At this time the UPS is AC voltage regulator, to charge the internal battery; when the mains supply is interrupted (an emergency power failure), the UPS immediately switches over to the inverter to provide 220 volts AC power from the battery to the load to keep the load working properly and protect the hardware and software of the load from damage.

Outdoor power supply: a battery used to store electrical energy and a circuit to stabilize the output voltage (DC-DC converter). Most outdoor power sources come with a charger or solar energy that is used to charge the power source's internal cell.